About Me

My name is Katie; I'm a sophomore at Hempfield Area High School, attending CWCTC for Computer Information Science. I have three sisters; Tiffany (11), Tabatha (14), and Samantha (17) who also attends CWCTC for Health Occupations. I like writing, reading, and poetry; as well as listening to music. I'm in the color guard for the Hempfield High School Marching Band.

Objective Statement

My career objective is to become either a software or a web developer.


In my first year, I want to learn and accomplish how to create a functioning website that I had created mostly by myself.

In class, I want to earn at least an 85%, though I'd rather get a 100% , I would try to achieve this by studying and trying my best in class.

Upon graduation, I would like to begin my education by attending WCCC for Software Development or Computer Information, then transferring to another college later on. During that time, I would also invest more time in writing.

Educational Philosophy

Education is of great value to me, because I believe that education is one of the greatest things that someone could have. With the correct education, you can become anything that you want to be.

I believe education should be delivered in the way that is best for each individual students; whether it's splitting them up to their learning abilities. Some people are leaners who work best by hearing or seeing things, though some also may be kinetic learners, or hands-on learners.